While diligent maintenance and timely repairs go a long way toward preserving the look, functionality, and integrity of your roof, these efforts don’t prevent the ongoing damage caused by natural elements. Roof Maxx breathes new life into aging asphalt shingles to significantly extend their lifespans. This environmentally friendly, topical treatment lessens the harmful effects of fluctuating temperatures, UV rays, wind, and precipitation. Read on to find out what Roof Maxx is, what it does, and why having it is beneficial to both your budget and your Alpha, NJ home.

Roof Maxx Is a Soy-Based Oil Treatment That Adds Years to Asphalt Shingles

Roof Maxx is an all-natural, soy-based oil treatment for asphalt shingles that can extend their lifespans by as much as five to 10 years. Derived from soy methyl ester, Roof Maxx is entirely plant-based and non-toxic. Soy methyl esters are biodegradable, high-performing solvents that come from soybeans. Using Soy-Fusion Technology, Roof Maxx penetrates dry, cracked shingles with millions of soybean oil microbeads to restore attributes like:

  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Heat-resistance
  • Moisture-resistance

In fact, in the right environments, Roof Maxx applications visibly reverse the aging process to restore old and sun-damaged shingles to a “like new” condition.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Owing to its soy-based composition, Roof Maxx is recognized as a completely sustainable and all-around eco-friendly roof treatment. The soybean oil in Roof Maxx is classified as food grade. Moreover, the soy methyl esters that contribute to Roof Maxx’s unique composition are low-VOC solvents, and this means that there aren’t many volatile organic compounds permeating the air around roofs that have been treated with this solution.

However, the greatest environmental benefits of using Roof Maxx come from its ability to extend the lifespan of aging roofing systems. With these treatments, many consumers can stave off the need for total roof teardowns for an extra decade. This keeps usable roofing materials out of local landfills while additionally helping homeowners keep more of their cash in their pockets.

Roof Maxx Creates an Additional Moisture Barrier with Enhanced Waterproofing

Roof Maxx adds a moisture barrier to asphalt shingle roofing systems. In so doing, it slows shingle granule loss and inhibits curling, warping, and other adverse structural changes. The result is greatly diminished exposure-related wear. This is especially true with consecutive Roof Maxx applications. While a single application could extend your roof’s service life for five to 10 years, applying this treatment every five years could lead to up to 15 years to your roof’s life overall.

However, it’s important to note that Roof Maxx doesn’t make roofs leak-proof. Most residential roof leaks occur at the valleys and flashings or around roofing protrusions. For instance, your roof is more likely to leak where two separate sections intersect and around all skylights, chimneys, and vents. While an application of Roof Maxx won’t protect these features, it will prevent rain, snow melt, and other precipitation from finding a point of ingress due to cracked, aging, and inflexible shingles.

Get More Time to Save Up for the Roof You Want

Roof Maxx isn’t recommended for use on brand-new roofs, and it shouldn’t be applied to shingles that have already lost most or all their granules. The best time to apply this treatment is between five and seven years after a roof’s initial installation. If you use Roof Maxx as part of your ongoing roof maintenance, you’ll have a lot more time to save up for the replacement roof you want. Having an extra decade or more to plan for this important project will allow you to budget for eye-pleasing additions like all-copper gutters and downspouts or set aside cash for functional accessories like gutter guards. If you’ve been dreaming of a slate roof or fancy architectural shingles, taking good care of the roof that you have right now could help you meet your goals.

Ramp Up Your Home’s Curbside Appeal

A fresh application of Roof Maxx will slightly darken the color of your asphalt shingles. In most cases, this restores their original appearance and resolves problems with mild discoloration. Over time, this effect will gradually fade. However, you can always revitalize the look of your shingles with consecutive, five-year applications.

You Can Use Roof Maxx Without Voiding Your Shingle Warranty

Roof Maxx won’t adversely affect your shingle manufacturer’s warranty. Roof Maxx also comes with warranty protections of its own. For five years following the date of a Roof Maxx treatment, this warranty guarantees that asphalt shingles will maintain the most important attribute for withstanding the tests of time: flexibility. Best of all, this coverage can extend beyond the duration of your shingle manufacturer’s warranty, and you can seamlessly transfer it to others. As per the Roof Maxx guarantee, your treated shingles will continue to perform just as their manufacturer intended for at least 5 years following application.

Roof Maxx Treatments Don’t Take Long at All

The average Roof Maxx treatment takes just 30 minutes. However, every roof has unique features and needs. Some roofs take between one and three hours to coat in Roof Maxx. In either case, you can look forward to a quick and hassle-free process that provides both immediate and long-lasting results.

Eliminate the Fear of Shingle Granule Loss

Shingle granules play an important role in determining overall roofing aesthetics. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize this until these granules start to fall off. If the first layer of your shingles’ granules is now lying in your gutters or at the base of your downspouts, you might have dark and fast-spreading patches on your roof that are visible at the street level.

Shingle granule loss is often listed among the top signs that roofs are ready for replacement. After all, these features protect against UV damage and help direct water and snow melt toward the drainage system. When you aren’t financially ready for a full-on tear-down and replacement, finding dark, pebble-like materials around the perimeter of your house is hardly a pleasant experience.

However, Roof Maxx is made for exactly this issue. Among the surest indications that your asphalt roof is ready for Roof Maxx is the loss of the very first layer of shingle granules. Thus, rather than being devastated by this development, you can look forward to a comparatively low-cost solution that ramps up your home’s curbside aesthetics and gives your current roof a new lease on life.

Enhance the Value and Appeal of Your Property

Replacing an aging roof is a great way to ramp up the value and marketability of your home before listing it on the market. However, if your roof is relatively new but already showing signs of shingle wear, getting Roof Maxx is a far more cost-effective choice. Roof Maxx will restore the look and integrity of your shingles in no time. It also comes with a solid, fully transferable warranty that’s sure to give prospective buyers peace of mind.

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