Stewartsville, NJ Asphalt Roof Replacement


Stewartsville, NJ home with aging roof shingles.
Aging roof shingles on a Stewartsville, NJ home.


Stewartsville, NJ home with GAF Timberline HDZ roof system.
GAF Timberline HDZ roof system installed by Warren Thompson & Son on a Stewartsville, NJ home.

Above are photos from a recent roof replacement job in Stewartville, NJ. The suburban community of Stewartsville is located in Greenwich Township, approximately 80 miles south of New York City. The homeowner of a large, multi-level hip roof home was concerned about the remaining life of the roof. There were several areas on the roof where shingles had blown off during high winds, revealing the first layer of shingles underneath. There were also signs of worn flashing around an old chimney vent. When flashing degrades with age, water can seep undeath the shingles and cause additional damage. Taking the recommendation of Warren Thompson & Son, the homeowner opted to replace the entire roof with a GAF Timberline HDZ roof system. This roof system has a lifetime warranty and also comes with a manufacturer’s wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation. GAF’s Timberline HDZ also comes with StainGuard which helps protect the roof against discoloration from algae growth.