Do you need reliable roofing installation or roofing services for your Wilson, PA home? Trust our team of roofing contractors at Warren Thompson & Son Roofing & Siding. The heavy winter storms can lead to small leaks that grow worse if they aren’t fixed right away, and the hot summer sun can cause damage to your shingles, exposing the roofing surface beneath. However, you can rest easy, knowing that protection for your house and belongings is just a phone call away for the city’s best roofing company.

We have the experience and attention to detail needed to make sure that all our roofing installations and repairs can withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at them. We use professional techniques and top-quality materials to complete long-lasting and durable roofing installation and repair. We also understand which kinds of shingles and other roof coverings are the most popular and suitable for your type of building.