As summer approaches, keeping your roof in tip-top shape saves money and improves comfort for the entire family. At Warren Thompson & Son Roofing & Siding, our Alpha, NJ professionals can evaluate your home for any improvements before the summer heat sets in. Learn how to protect your roof from the blazing temperatures the peak of summer brings.

Replace Missing or Cracked Shingles

Initially, protect your roof from heat by focusing on basic repairs. Our team can pinpoint and replace any missing or cracked shingles. Although this repair is often associated with rain protection, there’s another reason why damaged shingles must be replaced by our professionals.

Beneath the shingles is a material called underlayment. It forms a protective layer across the roof’s plywood and structural beams. The underlayment can quickly break down under the sun’s rays because it’s not designed to be exposed to nature’s elements. When your roof is damaged, the summer heat can strike the plywood beneath.

The shingles also help reflect the heat. When they’re damaged, heat quickly enters your home. At Warren Thompson & Son Roofing & Siding, we can assess your roof and repair any damage to improve your comfort as warm weather arrives.

Add Attic Ventilation

As the summer sun strikes the rooftop, the attic beneath it heats up, too. The attic and rooftop temperatures can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in just a few hours. To protect the rooftop from heat damage, add ventilation to the attic.

Vents installed along the soffits allow air to move into the attic, and exhaust vents at the roof’s ridge provide an escape point. Because hot air always rises, this ventilation method usually has a steady flow regardless of outside wind conditions. The interior space cools as air moves from the attic’s floor to the rooftop. As a result, the roof isn’t subjected to heat from both sides.

Cooler air within the attic protects the roof from runaway temperatures that can significantly age the materials, including the plywood, underlayment, and shingles. Ideally, work with our Alpha, NJ, team to create a ventilation design unique to your home’s architecture.

Plant Tall Trees

A natural way to protect your roof from the summer heat is by altering your landscaping. Shade from tall trees is an effective cooling mechanism. Professionals can determine the best shading angle for these trees as they strategically install them. Traditionally, trees planted on the south side of your property produce ample shade across the home.

One caveat, however, is spacing the trees away from the rooftop. Typically, you don’t want the trees to be too close to the roof because they’ll drop excess debris onto the structure. Leaves, twigs, and other items collect on roofs, which leads to mold and further damage. Preferably, trees should be located far enough from the home so that any dropped debris falls to the ground. Also, consider evergreen trees for your yard. They have minimal shedding with foliage nearly year-round. Any shade they produce will be beneficial throughout the seasons.

Install Attic Insulation

Protect your roof by adding insulation to its underside. Although you might have attic insulation on the floor, spray foam on the ceiling helps the roof. As the sun strikes the rooftop, the heat transfers into the rooftop’s layers and the home’s living space. Without insulation, this heat can impact the roof with hot spots and accelerated wear on the materials.

After insulating the attic, this heat transfer isn’t as damaging as before. Indeed, the insulation tempers the temperature fluctuations, which reduces damage during the extreme hot and cold periods in New Jersey. Because the shingles and underlayment can remain at a relatively steady temperature, they’re less prone to cracks that are common otherwise.

If you plan on a roof replacement with our services, you’ll want to insulate the attic afterward. During a roof replacement, our team may need to replace plywood panels that have broken down over the years. After installing new wood, underlayment, and shingles, adding spray foam to the attic’s ceiling will prolong the installation’s lifespan.

Consider a Solar Installation

Typically, installing solar panels on your rooftop is the best location for these components. There’s plenty of space and access to full sunlight. Aside from saving money on energy costs, solar panels also create shade on your rooftop. As they collect sunlight during the summer, the panels can also cast a daylong shadow on the roof for overall protection.

However, contacting our New Jersey team is critical before installing solar panels. We can inspect the roof and repair any damages. By performing any adjustments now, the surface will be ready for the solar panels.

Aging rooftops should have a replacement service performed before any solar panel installation. An old rooftop may not be able to support the panels. Replacing the roof and installing solar panels afterward protects the home from the hot sunshine and prolongs the materials’ lifespans.

Try Light-Colored Roofing Options

Traditionally, rooftops have dark hues because of their material makeup, such as bitumen. However, the industry has other options, as modern homeowners demand cooler rooftops and a unique aesthetic. If you have a metal or concrete roof, an elastomeric roof coating might be an option. Creating a white, waterproof seal, this product offers some rooftop protection during the summer.

Alternatively, Warren Thompson & Son Roofing & Siding can quote you a new installation with light-colored materials. If your roof is ready for a replacement, our team is ready to update the materials with the latest colors and accents. For roofs older than 20 or 30 years, it’s time to consider a replacement because of aging materials.

Clear Out Existing Vents

Some homeowners may already have attic vents, but they aren’t working efficiently. Give our New Jersey team a call for an inspection. We can inspect every aspect of the roof and attic ventilation, such as clearing away obstructions from soffit vents. By clearing the vents, the restored airflow will significantly reduce the temperature in the attic. Ultimately, this cooling effect can transfer to the living space, which reduces cooling costs as the summer warms up.

Opt for a Roof Misting System

Also known as an evaporative cooling system, misters installed along the rooftop can spray the materials with water during the hottest part of the day. As the water evaporates, the rooftop cools off. This system mimics how humans sweat to cool off.

These misters only produce a minute amount of water, so excessive water usage isn’t an issue. Also, the misters often include timers and other components that safely control the system throughout the summer. Because each rooftop has a unique shape, working with professional roofers is key to a successful installation.

A Roofing Company With Decades of Experience

Along with roofing repair and roofing replacement, our team can also quote options for siding, gutters, and Roof Maxx products. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, our full-service roofing company can provide reasonable rates for nearly any budget. Contact Warren Thompson & Son Roofing & Siding in Alpha, New Jersey, today!

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