Of all the features on your Alpha, NJ home, your roof likely sustains the greatest amount of wear. After all, this structure is constantly exposed to the outside elements. It stands up to temperature extremes, the weathering effects of UV ray exposure, wind, rain, hail, and more. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to protect your roof and extend its lifespan. One of the most popular roofing applications for damage prevention and longevity is Roof Maxx. Read on to find out what Roof Maxx is, what it does, and how it can help you.

What Is Roof Maxx?

Asphalt shingles are currently the most popular roofing choice in the nation. In fact, they’re chosen for approximately 80% of all new construction roofs and all re-roofing projects combined. They’re durable, low-cost, and flexible enough to accommodate a broad range of preferences and goals. Roof Maxx is designed to extend the already impressive lifespan of these shingles by providing a protective barrier. Depending upon the type and level of UV ray and moisture exposure that it has, Roof Maxx can extend the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof by six to 10 years. Best of all, according to Roof Maxx, if you repeat these treatments every five years, you may be able to add as much as 15 years to your roof’s lifespan.

Derived from soybean oil or soy methyl esters, Roof Maxx is a natural, plant-based oil that comes in the form of a spray coating. It fills in the cracks, gaps, and other tiny openings in roof materials to create a reliable, watertight barrier. With a fresh Roof Maxx application in place, water will bead up and roll right off of your roof, just like it should, rather than entering your home from any viable point of ingress. Moreover, when the sun beats down on treated roofs, asphalt shingles are virtually unaffected.

How Roof Maxx Works

Applying Roof Maxx is like giving aging shingles a mini-facelift. As asphalt shingles age, the petrochemicals that keep them flexible and resilient dry out and are gradually released. This is what causes shingles to crack, lose their granules, peel back, and exhibit other signs of extraordinary wear. Long summers spent beneath the heat and glare of the hot sun leaves shingles brittle and damaged. Roof Maxx replaces dried and under-performing petrochemicals with micro-beads of bio-oil. This restores both their flexibility and their ability to keep your home protected.

When Should Roof Maxx Be Applied?

Given its ability to produce consistently remarkable results, many homeowners are eager to apply Roof Maxx as soon as their roofing systems are installed. However, this spray-on treatment is intended to revitalize aging roofs. Roof Maxx recommends waiting until roofs are between eight to 10 years old in northern areas, and between six and eight years old in warmer climates. These applications work best when they’re applied just as the top coating of shingle granules starts to wear off.

Signs Your Roof Is Ready for a Roof Maxx Treatment

There are several strong indicators of asphalt shingle wear. If you look up at your roof while standing on the curb and see increasingly large, dark spots or dark patches, this could mean that your asphalt shingles are losing their granules. Although dark spots on asphalt roofs are frequently attributed to black mold, power washing, or having a licensed company pressure wash your house might make your problem worse. As asphalt shingles lose their granules, they often darken in color. Applying a coating of Roof Maxx instead will restore your roof’s aesthetic appeal and improve its resilience.

You can also check your gutters and the base of your downspouts for lost granules. If your shingles are deteriorating, you’ll likely find small collections of pebbly, sand-like material here. Without Roof Maxx, this level of wear often means that shingles are ready to be replaced. However, a low-cost application of Roof Maxx will spare you the high cost and hassle of a major roof replacement project.

If your roof reaches its 10-year mark and no shingle granule loss is observed, it can still benefit from an application of Roof Maxx. After 10 years of service, most asphalt shingles are significantly less flexible than they were at installation. As a preventative measure, Roof Maxx greatly improves granule adhesion.

Check Out These Impressive Benefits of Using Roof Maxx

Roof Maxx helps homeowners delay the need for roof replacement. If your roof has aged significantly but you still lack the budget for major repairs, Roof Maxx will give you more time to plan for the inevitable.

Given that it’s derived from soybean oil, this all-natural product doesn’t harm the environment. You don’t have to worry about roof runoff bringing harmful chemicals into your yard or sending them into the local water supply. Roof Maxx is a safe and organic product that solves problems without causing environmental concerns.

By replacing the aging petrochemicals in older roofs, Roof Maxx restores roofing systems to a nearly new condition. Using this application at the right time could breathe new life into a roof that once looked as though it was on its last leg. For aesthetic purposes, some homeowners use these applications just before listing their properties. In addition to getting better-looking roofs, home buyers also benefit from the same guarantees that sellers earned when purchasing this product. Roof Maxx honors all warranty transfers to home buyers without exception.

Roof Maxx and Leak Prevention

Roof Maxx restores the integrity of shingles that have lost their flexibility and their granules, but it is not a cure for roof leaks. If you have aging shingles and a major roof leak, you may need repairs before using this application, or you may need to have your roof replaced. This is because most roof leaks occur around skylights and vents, at roof flashings, and at roof valleys. They are usually the result of structural concerns where two sections of roofing meet, where objects protrude from the roof, or at the roof’s edges.

It’s also important to note that diligent, regular applications of this product cannot make your roof last forever. At best, Roof Maxx can add an additional 15 years to your roof’s lifespan. However, if your roof is rated to last 30 to 50 years, you might not have to replace it in your lifetime.

Is Roof Maxx Right for Your Home?

Scheduling a professional roof inspection is the best way to determine whether Roof Maxx is right for your home. This product works well on aging roofs with shingles that have limited flexibility and have lost most or all of their first shingle granule layer. Before applying Roof Maxx, roofers make sure that all other aspects of the roofing system are intact and performing like they should. Even if moderate roofing repairs are needed before putting Roof Maxx on, you can still sidestep the need for total roof replacement and add a few years to your roof’s life.

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