Many homeowners forget about their roofs until the structure begins showing significant signs of damage and age. This leads to a shortened lifespan and can damage your home. However, you should keep track of your roofing structure to know when to repair and replace it to enjoy a solid cover over your head. While some may find it challenging to know when to replace the roof, you can find some telltale signs to help you.

The easiest way to know if it is time to replace your roof is when neighbors begin doing so. Homes built in the same period may have similar lifespans for their structures. Since they face the same weather conditions and are the same age, it may help you to know when it is time to consider roof replacement. If you don’t opt for replacement, you may be the only one with an aged and problematic roof on the block. Nevertheless, let us first look at the results of not replacing your roof quickly.

The Consequences of Neglecting Roof Replacement

As the roof ages, you will notice several signs of malfunctioning since it cannot perform as it did when new. You will also discover that it begins to lose its shine and attractiveness as the granules get washed away by rain and storms. While some may say it is still functional and go for minor repairs, the damage may cost you severely soon.

Water Damage

Moisture significantly damages wooden structures, and the roof has a lot of timber on it. Since the top provides cover to protect your home from harsh weather like storms, it comes into contact with a lot of water. An old roof will have spaces that allow the moisture to seep in, thus accumulating it in the inner layers. In other circumstances, the water can get into the attic, ceiling, and even walls. If not correctly handled, this can cause significant damage to the wood.

The moisture trapped inside the roof will cause rot and attract mold, fungus, and mildew. While you may see this as a normal circumstance, our roofers see this as a sign of a failing top. The mold also brings in other issues, like allergic reactions when it gets into the vents, reducing your indoor air quality.

Expensive Repairs

While you may opt for repairs as a cheaper alternative to replacement, our roofers at [company name] look at the long-term investment. The repairs of a faulty roof can cost you significantly since they happen frequently. Therefore, when you calculate the long-term expenses, you will find that you have spent more on repairs over a few years than you would spend on replacement. Repairs are only a temporary solution when a roof attains its maximum lifespan. Therefore, you will not fully address the problem until you invest in a new structure.

Reduced Structural Integrity

If moisture gets trapped between the walls or in the foundation, it will cause the wood to rot. This weakens the structure over time and also invites pests like termites. Therefore, your entire home will be at risk of collapsing, and you will need much more expensive repairs to fix the problem.

High Energy Bills

One aspect that most of our clients do not remember is the energy bills. An old roof has poor sealing and allows in the outdoor air. Therefore, your HVAC units work extra hard to regulate the temperatures, yet the outdoor environment keeps interfering. This way, your heating and cooling units will overwork and use more energy to combat this effect. The result is increased energy bills while not attaining your desired comfort level.

Signs of Roof Damage: What to Look For

Do not let complete roof damage catch you by surprise. You can look for the signs of trouble and begin preparing beforehand. Knowing what to expect also helps you schedule your replacement at your convenience.

Missing Shingles

When you encounter strong winds and storms, old shingles have a high likelihood of falling away. Therefore, when you come out, you may notice some pieces on the ground and some vacant spots on the top. When there are only a few, you can consider replacing them. However, if several are missing, you need to schedule a total roof replacement.

Cracked and Curled Shingles

Harsh weather conditions like hail and extreme storms can cause extensive damage to your shingles. Due to the force of the ice and other debris, you will find numerous cracked and broken shingles. Strong winds and moisture can also cause loose shingles to curl upward. This gives space for more moisture to get to the lower surface. Our roofers discourage ignoring such signs since they provide room for extensive water damage.

Bald Patches

Did you know your shingles have a protective layer of granules? The granules offer a protective layer to the roof. After a while, the granules fall off due to weather and age. Therefore, you begin noticing bald shingles that do not look appealing. This also means the shingles will absorb more water than when the granules remain intact.


Our roofers at [company name] usually find that this is the most common problem that our clients in Pennsylvania report. Leaks indicate that some portions have extensive damage, allowing water to seep through the home’s interior. Therefore, you need to promptly contact our experts to help you seal the leak even as you plan the replacement appointment.

Disconnected Gutters

Gutters are part of your roofing structure since they direct the excess water from the roof and away from the foundation. Therefore, when they get loose or disconnected, the water will begin dripping near the walls, posing a risk to the foundation. The condition of your gutter system will also help you know how well your roof is standing.

Roofing Lifespan: Knowing When It’s Time

While every homeowner wants their roof to last to its maximum lifespan, our roofers find that most roofs don’t. Therefore, you may have to ask for roofing replacement sooner than anticipated.

Our roofers find these to be some of the reasons why roofs don’t attain their specified lifespan:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Poor installation
  • Human traffic on the roof

Contact the Professionals

Addressing roof problems in good time will save you money in diverse ways. That is why you need the help of our experts at [company name] for all roofing services. Our team has extensive experience in the field and guarantees excellent results for residential and commercial customers in Bethlehem and surrounding areas. Whether you need roofing repairs, siding, gutter installation, or replacement, we are the people to rely on. All our roofers undergo thorough training to keep them updated with all regulations and trends in the roofing industry. We work with dedication to attain complete customer satisfaction.

Talk to our roofing team at [company name] and get expert assistance for all your roof replacement needs.

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